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Your local, experienced Plumber & Roofer. Your best choice for plumbing services in Mornigton peninsula.

Coastline Roofing and Plumbing pty ltd are proudly local to the Mornington peninsula area with a vast knowledge of the local area and its customs. All staff are part of the local community and embrace all that the peninsula has to offer.

The company was started in 2010 and services both the public and private sector with an emphasis on client satisfaction and high quality workmanship.

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Experienced Team

From the boss to our oldest employee through to our apprentices, you can be assured.

We are experienced in the latest products, fixtures and appliances. With Local knowledge. We work closely with builders/owners from conception to hand over. We believe that a smaller team = less mistakes, employee turnover, confusion.

We are Trusted

Small local town, reputable builders, engaged in the community.

The company is fully licensed & insured.

Best support

Smaller team, deal directly with the boss

We Provide 24/7 Emergency Service, please call us at 041-738-3525.
We're here for you any plumbing / Roofing / installation / replacement.

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Metal Cladding Mornington Peninsula

From installation works on new builds to basic maintenance of your residential homes, our team of experienced builders have you covered. Looking for high-quality, durable and modern metal cladding and metal roofing? Mornington Peninsula locals can give us a call today for a free quote and schedule a service with us today!

To improve a building’s exterior and protect from damage, you may want to consider metal cladding. Mornington Peninsula residential, industrial and commercial properties will benefit from long-lasting, cost-effective and energy efficient metal cladding. With the addition of metal cladding, Mornington Peninsula properties stay looking sleek and brand-new for years to come, withstanding all kinds of weather conditions. At Coastline Roofing and Plumbing pty ltd, our reputable team know quality, and provide only the highest quality services.

Standing Seam Cladding

The simple, minimal design of standing seam cladding gives Mornington Peninsula properties a modern touch. As one of the most versatile cladding systems, standing seam cladding in Mornington Peninsula and across Victoria has gained popularity, as it offers designers and builders are refined yet functional aesthetic.

Metal Roofing

Throughout the harsh winters and summers in Australia, it is important to keep your roofs safe from the different seasons. Here at Coastline Roofing and Plumbing pty ltd, we believe in only offering the best options for your metal roofing in Mornington Peninsula. With years of experience and knowledge under our belts, our experts will only install brands that can manage against the weather.

Using COLORBOND® steel is an important part of our business, as we believe it provides houses with the best chance of survival compared to other roofs. Not only can it be used in new builds, but we can also upgrade your old roof tiles to COLORBOND®.

For a free quote and more details on our metal roofing, Mornington Peninsula locals can give our qualified team a call today.


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